Software Development

Software Development

TnhInfo offers in-house developed Banking Decision Support Systems to intuitively and efficiently manage all the banking operations.

The hands-on experience gained over the years in offering support services to banks, in-depth knowledge about the core processes and the issues/constraints faced with existing softwares has been prudently used by our team of developers as valuable inputs.

The result is a Banking Decision Support System for loan underwriting, loan processing and lead generation that is holistic in design, excellent in architecture, simple to use and customizable. Implementing our comprehensive Banking Decision Support System negates the need for call centre outsourcing.

The system can be used to track the loan disbursement process from initial request to final disbursement.

Calculations like income – liability ratio to determine the eligibility of the applicant, checking of CIBIL score and verification of submitted documents is enabled by the system which simplifies the decision making process.

The additional features are easy tracking option for the customer, sending of automated voice, text messages and outbound calls for lead generation.